Live-Tweeting Residency!

This year, with so many of our writers, artists and YA writers on Twitter, we hope you’ll get involved in telling the world about your residency experience… and stay abreast of each others’ movements, by using the hashtags #vcfa and #residency and maybe #vcfaresidency, too (why not?).

You can tweet about lectures, social time, friends, whatever, but if you use those hashtags, there will be a continuous live-stream of updates from our beautiful Montpelier campus. Let us know if you’re blogging about residency during or after, as well.

If you haven’t joined Twitter, or you’re not that interested, now is a great time to get involved… just go to and sign up. Don’t forget to follow VCFAand our list of VCFAers on Twitter, too. And tweet at us if you want to be added.

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